Amani School in Kabul Opens News Sport Area

Kabul, 25th June 2018 – Yesterday evening, the Afghan-German Cooperation and Amani School in Kabul celebrated the inauguration of a new football pitch. This new sports area will be available to all 3.5000 students of Amani School. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project SGS - Strengthening German-supported Afghan Schools – financed the construction of the football pitch and continuously supports Amani school in improving education quality.

In his opening speech, the Head of the Education Directorate, Dr Ahmad Zamir Guara, highlighted: “Wisdom and common sense lie within a fit and healthy body. Sport does not only make people physically fit. It also has a positive effect on our minds, our soul and inner relaxation”. Germany’s Deputy Ambassador, Mr Andreas von Brandt, added: “We have supported numerous school improvements – curriculum improvement, school infrastructure, teacher training, and many more. But I believe constructing a football field is one of the key improvement at this school. Football is not only a soft sport. It is also about celebrating sports internationally. We hope that Afghanistan will stand side by side with Germany at the world championship one day”.

In order to  address the importance of physical education, students performed a number of activities. They presented a short school play, a sport exhibition and a football match. All participants strongly encouraged the pupils in their activities.

The three German-supported schools Jamhuriat, Amani and Aisha-Durani are now implementing all-day schedules. That allows better academic preparation as well as extra-curricular activities to develop individual skills of each student. Reforming these schools does not only include teaching methods and focussing on natural sciences or foreign languages. In order to achieve better learning results, additional factors such as computer-based tools, heating systems that allow school operation in winter, and many more are important, too.

The Afghan-German Cooperation works closely with the Afghan non-governmental organisation “Afghan Education for Excellence Organization” (AEFEO) in supporting the three Afghan model schools, handing over its activities to AEFEO until 2018/19 in order to fully enable Afghan ownership.

The programme Strengthening German-supported Afghan Schools (SGS) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA). SGS supports three German-sponsored schools in Kabul, Jamhuriat, Amani and Aisha-e Durani to improve the quality of education. These model schools shall serve as best practice examples for other schools across the country. So far, international trainers have organised advanced training courses on didactics and peace education for 240 teachers. Further, 22 teachers have enhanced their knowledge in mathematics, and 50 teachers have participated in advanced training courses on natural sciences. The project further funds the rehabilitation and repairs of existing infrastructure.

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