Conflict Resolution Trainings for 550 Provincial Representatives in Samangan and Baghlan

Today, a series of 14 conflict resolution trainings in Samangan and Baghlan comes to an end
In total, 550 members of Community Development Councils (CDCs), District Development Assemblies (DDAs) and district governor offices participated in the series of trainings that started on 1st April and lasted 42 days. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Programme for regional capacity development in Afghanistan (RCD) and Samangan’s as well as Baghlan’s Provincial Governor’s Offices and Provincial Councils jointly organised and funded all trainings.

Topics covered during all workshops: equality, transparency and the consistent application of social and legal procedures for resolving conflicts in Afghanistan. Each training lasted three days. The participants came from seven districts of Samangan and seven districts in Baghlan. Thanks to the newly gained knowledge, they are now able to formally offer and conduct conflict resolution for anybody suffering from disputes and they know how to seek support outside of their jurisdiction if necessary.

Makhdom Kefayatullah, DDA director in Dar-e-Suf Payeen, Samangan, who is acting as a traditional conflict mediator in his function, attended one of the three-day trainings. He commented: “We have a key role to manage controversies in the district. Recently, we resolved a dispute between two neighbours who repeatedly threw stones into the neighbouring house’s windows. After this training, we are able to resolve arguments more effectively and professionally.“

Ahmad Ali Hossaini, district governor in Dar-e-Suf Bala, Samangan, attended the same training and spoke at the closing ceremony. He emphasised: “For conflict resolution, it is really important to know how different parties handle these. In three days, we learned about the importance and the three steps of conflict resolution, how to manage and define conflicts and how to negotiate. This knowledge is essential and very important.”

As part of Germany’s cooperation with Afghanistan, the programme Regional Capacity Development in Afghanistan (RCD) is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. In six provinces in northern Afghanistan, RCD supports its partners’ development priorities in the provinces and districts while at the same time providing training and coaching programs for civil servants. With its broad range of activities, the programme aims at increasing Afghan ownership of the development process, strengthening state institutions and promoting transparency and inclusiveness.

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