Water for Justice

New Water Supply System for Samangan’s Department of Justice
Good work performance requires good working conditions. This also applies to Samangan’s Department of Justice (DoJ) and its provision of services. Since the inauguration of the DoJ’s office in Aybak in 2011, employees did not have access to water at their offices. Today, the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme to promote the rule of law (RoL) handed over a new water supply system to the DoJ.

Up until today, the lack of proper access to water inhibited the DoJ’s work. Trucks had to deliver water to the building which interrupted the workflow. Water shortages reduced the efficiency of employees who found it hard to concentrate – particularly on hot summer days. “First of all, I am very happy about the water supply system’s implementation. I am happy  that mutual cooperation between the Department of Economy and the Department of Justice resulted in water access for both sides.”, said Mr Akhtar Mohammad Khairzadah, Acting Governor of Samangan province.

It is very important that the DoJ can perform its tasks properly as the assigned duties are essential for safeguarding the rule of law: Residents from Northern Afghanistan receive advice on legal questions and Huquqs from the entire province receive support for their daily work and technical processes. The better working environment enables DoJ employees to offer improved services to the people. Mr Sayed Rafiullah Safawi, Head of the DoJ, added: “I am thankful to the promotion of rule of law programme which supports Afghanistan’s justice sector with infrastructure facilities. This water supply is another step for more harmony and sympathy between government institutions.”

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Afghan-German Cooperation has been working together with the Afghan government to promote rule of law in Afghanistan. Since 2003, the project has been supporting the Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan in its efforts to ensure access to justice for all citizens. This is done through supporting better access to justice as well as improving the professional capacity of justice sector staff and . At the same time, legal awareness of citizens is strengthened. The program also focuses on the networking between the relevant ministries to ensure equal rights and a better cooperation amongst each other.

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