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08.05.2015 | Press release
Both sides set new priorities for reintegrating Afghan refugees and providing care for internally displaced persons.
30.04.2015 | Press release
This training was part of large equipment project for line departments in Faizabad and 24 districts in the province and conducted by the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) in close cooperation of provincial governor’s office of Badakhshan. The goal of the courses was to enable district governors to use office software, basic internet services, communicate effectively with provincial government on ongoing events and community progress and challenges.
30.04.2015 | Press release
140 people took part in a course on the “Fundamentals of Inspection and Maintenance” to learn how to operate and maintain the infrastructure they are responsible for, for example, school buildings, electrical or water supply systems. 70 participants joined “Road Operations and Maintenance” workshops, where they learnt how to operate and maintain roads sustainably for better safety. The two sets of workshops were held with technical and financial assistance from the German government, at a total cost of over AFN 2.2 million.
29.04.2015 | Press release
Over 330 citizens, civil servants, local government leaders and civil society activists turned up discuss issues in an open forum. The project was launched in Samangan by the Provincial Governor’s Office (PGO).
18.04.2015 | Press release
Today, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Dr Abdul Basir Sarwar, and Mr. Andreas Glossner, Political Counsellor at the German Embassy in Kabul, officially opened the newly refurbished and extended Regional Hospital in Kunduz, funded by the German government through KfW Development Bank. Prior to the opening ceremony, a tour was held through the new premises.
16.04.2015 | Press release
The exercise at the hospital was designed to test how ready and responsive the newly refurbished facilities will be in case of a severe emergency. The findings of the drill will be used to identify room for improvement and shortfalls in protocol and contingency plans for large-scale crisis responses.
14.04.2015 | Press release
The trainings were English, computer software and management skills in Taluqan, the capital of Takhar province in northern Afghanistan.
12.04.2015 | Press release
Once completed, the dormitories will be able to house up to 400 male students, with 4 students sharing one spacious room. The aim of the dormitory is to accommodate students unable to find proper lodging in other buildings that are at capacity. It will also offer living quarters for students whose homes are too far away from the university to commute.
08.04.2015 | Press release
The new extension unit comes with a conference hall and three office rooms and will be used by the department’s field or extension workers to coordinate their activities with local farmers. The agricultural storage facility has a total capacity of 100m3 for agricultural products. Both construction projects were managed by the DAIL with funding from Germany. AFN 5.2 million were invested in the building of the extension unit; the cost of the storage facility was AFN 1.2million.
08.04.2015 | Press release
The pilot project is the first of its kind to test the ability to feed solar power generated by individual users into the country’s national grid. The benefits of grid-tied solar power systems are that they help reduce dependency on public power sources while helping to reduce load on the grid itself. Grid-tie systems, like the one opened today, link to the main grid to feed excess energy back into the power supply. The planned capacity for the pilot project is 3 kW. Financial and technical assistance for the installation comes from the German government.