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16.11.2014 | Press release
Once built, up to 860 students, 310 girls and 550 boys, will be able to get a proper education in a wide range of subjects. Currently, pupils have to take lessons outside, under tents or under the shade of trees. The construction project is part of a new pilot project launched by the German government and provincial government in Takhar. The aim of the project is to encourage a bottom-up approach in communities. With the agreement, Community Development Councils (CDCs), like the one in the remote village of Khurmab, have greater decision-making say in their own development projects. In Khurmab, for example, the village population started the building and planning work for the school building by themselves. Support from Germany amounts to a total of AFN 4.8 million.
12.11.2014 | Press release
In 2015, up to 1,500 Shagerdis working in small enterprises or workshops will be able to attend TVET institutes to get acquire the basic theoretical background of their profession and get access to advanced technologies. This is the modernization the entire informal training sector needs. In this first phase, six schools in Kabul and one school in Mazar-e Sharif will take on apprentices from four fields: Auto mechanics, carpentry, electrical repairs and metalwork.
11.11.2014 | Press release
The new bridge cost over AFN 33.4 million to build, funded by the German Government and financed by Germany’s KfW Development Bank. The completion of the construction project marks a significant milestone in Germany’s northern Afghan programme for stabilisation, as more remote communities can now reach hospitals, schools and shops that were previ-ously inaccessible to them.
11.11.2014 | Press release
Built by the Department of Higher Education (DoHE) at a cost of over AFN 53 million with funding from the German Government, the new dormitory can accommodate up to 260 women from various parts of the country. The goal of the new housing is to help increase the number of female students enrolled at the university.
06.11.2014 | Press release
The building work for the library will cost over AFN 7,300,000, funded by the German Government. The public library will be open to citizens, students and pupils in the district and will stock more than 1,000 volumes of literature and books on a variety of different topics.
02.11.2014 | Press release
The councils are led by women and deal specifically with women’s affairs and representing women’s rights in local government. To coincide with the launch, a six-day workshop also began in Aybak today on raising awareness of women’s rights.
02.11.2014 | Press release
The newsletter contains information on government activities, upcoming events and news on awareness-raising campaigns for local communities. Publication of the newsletter will cost a total AFN 133,000 for the first year. The German Government provided both funding and technical support for the newsletter project.
29.10.2014 | Press release
The meeting gave the press an opportunity to talk with experts about trade and business and how the media report on the markets in northern Afghanistan. The meeting concluded with the recommendation that media and business should work more closely together to promote domestic goods.
29.10.2014 | Press release
The event, which concludes 1st November with a job fair, was organized by the Faculty of Economics of Kabul University in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Arts and was sponsored by the German Government.
26.10.2014 | Press release
Held in the provincial capital Faizabad and funded by the German Government, the main goal of the workshop was to advance the skills of the province’s line departments in provincial budgeting processes. The course will be followed by a six-month mentoring programme for vaious departments to help develop proper project proposals for the national budget cycle. The training was conducted by the Afghan Ministry of Finance.