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07.02.2019 | Pressemitteilung
New Delhi, India, 07th February 2019 – Today, 12 key members of the Afghan Anti-Corruption Justice Centre (ACJC) participated in a specialised training on anti-money laundering and combatting terrorism financing in New Delhi, India. Since 2018, the Afghan-German Cooperation’s Open Policy Advisory Fund (OPAF) financed and facilitated three consecutive training to strengthen ACJC’s capacities for a total of 28 key staff members. They are now able to carry out their important work professionally and more effectively.
07.02.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 07th February 2019 – Yesterday, the Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEc) and the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication (MEC) signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement for 2019. Since 2015, joint efforts aim at strengthening the MoEc’s capacities for monitoring and evaluating Afghan national development projects. This shall ensure that they are efficient, effective, relevant, sustainable, and have a real impact to the benefit of Afghan citizens. The budget for cooperation amounts to a total of more than AFN 8.6 million.
06.02.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, provincial officials and representatives of the Afghan-German Cooperation inaugurated the reconstructed Dasht-e Shor Road in Nahr-e Shahi District, Balkh Province. The road benefits more than 134,000 people. Balkh’s Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DRRD) supervised the reconstruction works that were completed seven months ahead of schedule. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) financed the measure at a total cost of about AFN 100 million.
04.02.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, Balkh’s Provincial Education Department (PED) and the Afghan-German Cooperation signed a contract on constructing a school building for the Eliqichi Girls’ Secondary School in Balkh District. The single-story building will comprise eight fully equipped classrooms. It will offer an adequate learning environment for more than 430 female students. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) finances the project at a total cost of about AFN 19.5 million.
18.01.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, the Afghan-German Cooperation finished the handover of a newly constructed girls’ school to Kunduz Province’s Department of Education. The school is located in Ortabulaqi Village in the district Imam Sahib and offers eight classrooms. More than 240 girls from eleven villages in the area benefit from the educational facility. The new school shall encourage local families to send their girls here as it is nearby and easily accessible. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Stabilisation Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA) financed the construction works at a total cost of almost AFN 19.6 million.
03.01.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Taloqan, Takhar, 02nd January 2019 – Yesterday, the provincial authorities and the Afghan-German Cooperation have formally inaugurated an eight-kilometre long irrigation canal in Bangi District, Takhar province. The newly rehabilitated irrigation canal is benefiting more than 7,500 local residents in the villages of Ghorchi, Gurog, Kata Qeshlaq and Jamshid of Bangi District. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) financed the project at a total cost of about AFN 101.8 million. The whole construction works took about 16 months.
23.12.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 23rd December 2018 – Yesterday, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health signed a contract for procurement of medical and non-medical equipment for the 360-bed mother and child centre within Balkh Regional Hospital in Mazar-e Sharif. The First Deputy of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, the Afghan Minister of Public Health and two of his Deputy Ministers as well as the First Secretary of the Chief Executive attended the event amongst others. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed the construction of the centre as well as now the procurement of the equipment.
16.12.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh, 13th December 2018 – Yesterday, the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the Tajik construction company Tojik Gidro Elektro Montaj (TGEM) signed contracts for constructing a new electricity distribution network in Balkh Province’s capital Mazar-e Sharif. The network shall supply electricity reliably to about 40,000 residents. The Afghan Minister of Energy and Water, parliament and provincial council members, and a representative of KfW Development Bank attended the event. The Afghan-German Cooperation funds the construction works via KfW at a total cost of about AFN 480 million.
16.12.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 14th December 2018 – Yesterday, the Afghan-German Cooperation assisted a seminar for the Afghan Deputy Ministry for Refugee Affairs in Kabul. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Open Policy Advisory Fund (OPAF) supports the Afghan Deputy Ministry for Refugee Affairs with various capacity development activities in implementing its strategic plan 2015 – 2019. Main objectives consist of improving service provision to Afghan citizens as well as inter-ministerial coordination of topics relevant to migration.
13.12.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 13th December 2018 – Yesterday, a national conference for so-called Gender Focal Points (GFPs) took place in Kabul. GFPs are female volunteers that offer legal support to women in their communities. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) hosted the event to express its gratitude for their work. In total, more than 70 people from eight Afghan provinces participated, majorly women. Attendees discussed ways to improve cooperation between the MoWA, its provincial departments, and GFPs. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme Promotion of the Rule of Law in Afghanistan (RoL) facilitated and financed the event at a total cost of more than AFN 860.000.