Ergebnisse 297
22.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the Afghan-German Cooperation’s Energy Sector Improvement Programme (ESIP) signed a cooperation and implementation agreement in Kabul. The agreement aims at facilitating the implementation of the Afghan government’s renewable energy policy. The Afghan-German Cooperation will invest about AFN 264 million until end of 2019.
16.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
This week, the Ministry of Economy’s (MoEc) Deputy Minister for Policy and Technical Affairs, Mr Mohammad Ismail Rahimi, introduced the Provincial Monitoring and Reporting System database (PMRS) to government officials from Badakhshan, Takhar and Kunduz Provinces. They learned how to use the database that tracks national development projects in Afghanistan and monitors their progress. This shall facilitate project implementation while increasing transparency and accountability at the same time. PMRS has now been introduced to all 34 Afghan provinces. The Afghan-German Cooperation supported the database’s development.
14.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, a contract was signed for reconstructing a ten kilometres long road in Feyzabad District, Badakhshan that connects the villages Dashti Qurogh and Lai Aba. Representatives of the provincial government and Public Works Department (PWD) were present. The project is part of the rehabilitation of a 74 kilometres long road from Feyzabad City to Yawan District that will benefit approximately 600,000 citizens. The Afghan-German Cooperation funds the project at a total cost of about AFN 206 million and supports PWD with its implementation.
05.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) secretariat Afghanistan and the Afghan-German Cooperation conducted a workshop. 50 representatives from the government, private sector and civil society participated. The event aimed at re-establishing proper cooperation and ensure data exchange between relevant stakeholders in the mining sector. Efforts shall produce reconciled data on mining in Afghanistan, a requirement for the country’s expected EITI validation attempt in June 2019.
03.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, Huquq Officers, Gender Focal Points (GFPs) and governors from ten districts of Badakhshan Province met in Feyzabad. 40 people, including ten women, attended the annual Huquq Coordination Meeting. The activity aimed at strengthening coordination and cooperation between Huquqs and relevant stakeholders on district level, such as GFPs and the police. Badakhshan’s Department of Justice implemented the activity to improve citizens’ access to justice. The Afghan-German Cooperation supported the event.
02.05.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, a five-day Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop ended in Herat City, Herat province. 14 lecturers, four of them women, from seven Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) participated. Four master trainers from the Teacher Education Directorate (TED) introduced the new primary education diploma that is currently under development to the lecturers. The activity focussed particularly on the subject of mathematics. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Basic and Secondary Education Programme (BEPA) supported the event.
26.04.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, a three-week training for more than 100 science and mathematics teachers, 69 of them women, from six schools in Kabul ended. Attendees learned how to apply modern teaching methods in the subject’s chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Part of their training was to incorporate new laboratory equipment during lessons. The Afghan-German Cooperation supported the training and financed the equipment at a total cost of about AFN 1.1 million. More than 23,000 pupils will benefit from improved lessons.
24.04.2019 | Pressemitteilung
A three-day gender workshop for 20 staff of Herat’s Department of Mines and Petroleum (DoMP) ended today. The event took place in the city of Herat and focused on the role of gender in the Afghan mining sector. The Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s (MoMP’s) Gender Unit conducted the workshop. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme to promote good governance in the Afghan extractive sector (MinGov) supported the event financially.
23.04.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, an eight-day training of trainers (ToT) workshop ended in Kabul. 14 female lecturers from seven pilot Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) participated. They got familiar with a new teaching manual for sports included in the Primary Education Diploma that is currently under development. The lecturers shall pass on their newly acquired knowledge at TTCs, benefitting more than 6,000 female teacher students. The Teacher Education Directorate (TED) implemented the training, supported by the Afghan-German Cooperation.
19.04.2019 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, representatives of the Afghan Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority (TVET-A) inaugurated the Takhta-Pul TVET Campus in Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh province. The campus offers capacities for up to 2,200 students, offering education in engineering, agricultural veterinary and technical teacher training. The campus resides on an area of 52.5 jeribs (10.5 hectare), the size of about 14 football fields. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed construction works at a total cost of about AFN 113.7 million.