The Afghan capital Kabul serves as the point of coordination for all activities in the country. It is home to the government, ministers, the German Embassy, numerous non-governmental organisations, and development cooperation agencies of all donor countries. It is the place where legislation is drafted, strategies are devised, civilian construction projects are initiated and development concepts are implemented, in several cases with support from the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

The German Cooperation with Afghanistan has been working in Kabul for many years. Advisory services are provided to partners at political level in order to optimise national policies and processes, fight corruption and introduce rule of law principles. As well as its involvement in programmes in the area of good governance, the German government funds a large number of educational and training initiatives. Additionally, it provides support for energy, health care, water supply and waste disposal projects.

In order to coordinate joint efforts in support of Afghanistan as effectively as possible, consultations are held in Kabul between all stakeholder groups and the Afghan government. In this way, decisions are often made on the design of projects at provincial, district and municipal level. A wide range of programmes have helped to effect change and improve local people’s living conditions.

This section provides you with an overview of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan’s activities in Kabul.

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